National Per Capita increased

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Office of the Commander-in-Chief
Brad Schall, Commander-in-Chief
General Order #7

SERIES 2010-2011
06 December 2010
annual national per capita tax
Article VI,

Section 1. The National Encampment shall assess a per capita tax on each Brother reported in
good standing at the end of each calendar year. Such tax shall be payable in one annual payment
and forwarded by the Department Treasurer to the Executive Director, on or before May 31st.

The National Encampment in Overland Park Kansas passed a resolution increasing the per capita
tax by $5.00 ($18.00 to $23.00). The raise in per capita was effective at the conclusion of the
National Encampment. It was the first raise in per capita in eight years.

A reinstatement fee of $10 was also established and that no reinstatement of a Brother will be
processed without the $10 fee.

The per capita tax increase was necessary due to expenses exceeding our income.

We have allowed applications at the Camp and the Department level to be processed at the old
per capita if they were in the system at the time of the increase.

Effective 1 January, 2011 all applications received at the National headquarters for membership
and all annual report renewals must be at the new per capita. The Executive Director has been
instructed to return applications and annual reports to the Department Treasurer if they are
received after 1 January, 2011 with the old per capita.

Ordered this 6th Day of December, 2010.

Brad Schall

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


Eugene Mortorff
National Order, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War