Departmental Encampment 2012

The Department of Tennessee, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, governs all Camps in the states of Tennessee and Alabama. In turn, the Department is governed by its Department Encampment, which is subordinate to the National Organization.

2012 – 2013 Officers

Craig Taylor Brown, Commander

Roger A. Tenney, Sr. Vice Commander

Douglas K. Fidler, PDC, Jr. Vice Commander

Geoffrey C. Hintze, PDC, Secretary / Treasurer

Charles H. Engle, Jr., PDC, Council

Samuel C. Gant, PDC, Council

Douglas K. Fidler, PDC, Council

George A. Huttick, Patriotic Instructor

Clyde J. Getman, PDC, Chaplain

Douglas K. Fidler, PDC, Graves Registration Officer

Geoffrey C. Hintze, PDC, Historian

Craig Taylor Brown, Civil War Memorials Officer

Douglas K. Fidler, PDC,

Eagle Scout Coordinator

George A. Huttick, Signals Officer

Nicholas Lee Knight, Guide