Badges and Decorations

Officers, Members, Associates, Juniors, Junior Associates and Honorary Members of the Order, while in Camp, Department or National Encampment, on parade or while performing other duties of the Order (other than while performing tasks involving manual labor), shall be identified by the wearing of a Badge of the Order upon the left breast. Brothers should take care to ensure their dress is appropriate to the occasion, such as business attire. Should the individual desire, he may also wear badges, awards and decorations awarded to him by U. S. Government and military officials, patriotic and hereditary societies and foreign governments. The order of precedence of the awards shall be:

First: Awards of the United States Government, to include military decorations and
medals of the Armed Services in order of precedence set by the U.S. Government and Armed

Second: Foreign decorations in the order which they were received

Third: State awards in order of precedence recommended by the state

Fourth: Medals and Badges of this Order, along with other military, veterans, hereditary and patriotic societies, in the order of the founding of each.

Regional Associations may authorize a membership badge, however, that badge may not use the protected symbols of our Order. Those badges may not be worn at any SUVCW event. The only exception is that such regional associations may authorize a past regional commander badge at its discretion and its own expense. This badge may not use the protected symbols of our Order, but may be worn at SUVCW events.