Past Department Commander Badge

Brothers who have served a full term as Department Commander or who have been elected to fill a vacancy and who serve to the end of that term may wear the Past Department Commander badge and are entitled to use the suffix P.D.C. in conjunction with their name. This badge shall have the ribbon as prescribed for Department officers, without top bar. The drop shall be the sterling silver cross of the Order, with jewel. Departments may authorize, without cost to the National Organization, a top bar of sterling silver, on which may be inscribed the name of this Brother. A device may be attached to the top bar, being the symbol of the Department as adopted by that Department – usually being a Corp badge or other such symbol as deemed appropriate by the Department. Such device shall not extend beyond the edges of the ribbon of the badge, nor shall such device cover more than 50% of the ribbon of such badge. A miniature Past Department Commander Badge with a regulation ribbon 5/8 inch in width may be worn in accordance with Article III.