Sons of Veterans Reserve Membership Badge

Provision is hereby authorized for a Sons of Veterans Reserve Membership Badge. The badge shall be the SVR logo made of bronze and suspended from a ribbon of red, white, and blue and equipped with a safety clasp. The Commanding Officer’s badge will be dipped in gold and members of the General Staff dipped in silver. All SVR Members in good standing may purchase the badge through the SUVCW Quartermaster. The SVR badge shall be worn over the left breast of coats, jackets and vests worn as outer garments and shall be at the extreme left of the wearer’s right of all SUVCW badges. The order of arrangement shall be consistent with Chapter V, Article 3 of the SUVCW Constitution and Regulations unless stipulated by these Regulations. The SVR metal cutout is still authorized for wear on the SUVCW badge. A miniature Sons of Veterans Reserve Membership badge is hereby authorized to be worn, however, only on civilian attire, and in conjunction with the miniature Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Membership badge. The miniature Sons of Veterans Reserve badge may not be worn with any full size badge.