Maj. William Anderson McTeer Camp No. 39 (OLD)

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The Major William Anderson McTeer Camp No. 39, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War was Chartered in 2009, in Maryville, Tenn.

The Camp is named for Maj. William A. McTeer (1843-1925), who played an important role in the formation of Blount County. Besides being the first Judge of General Sessions, he held many other important positions in the community and at his church, New Providence Presbyterian. He also served as an officer in the Union Army during the Civil War and wrote a journal of his experiences, LOYAL MOUNTAINEERS. Of the eighteen men who joined the Union Army with McTeer, only five returned home after the War.

Soon after returning from battle, McTeer became a noted lawyer in Blount County. He was the first judge of the Court of General Sessions and also represented Blount County as a Legislator. McTeer later served as a Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Maryville City Recorder, a Trustee of Maryville College and numerous other high-level positions in the community.

An eloquent writer, McTeer penned the histories of both New Providence Church and Eusebia Church. He also wrote many articles for the local newspaper publications.







Next Camp Mess:  


Tuesday, 9 June 2015, at Calhoun’s on the Creek, Maryville, TN, 12 Noon.


Next Quarterly Meeting:


Monday, 22 June 2015, at Blount County Public Library, Maryville, TN, 6:30 PM.

June 2015 Edition of McTeer’s Loyal Mountaineers:


McTeer Newsletter June 2015 Cover Page

McTeer Newsletter JUNE 2015



Celebrating Memorial Day on May 30th, the prescribed day by the Grand Army of the Republic:

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Celebrating the Memorial Day Holiday (May 25th) at the Knoxville National Cemetery with the 79th New York Highlanders Re-enactment Group and the Lucinda Heatherly Tent No. 3, DUVCW:





 May 2015 Edition of McTeer’s Loyal Mountaineers:

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McTeer Newsletter MAY 2015


Civil War Sesquicentennial Signature Event:

We did it! The Sultana memorial re-dedication was a rousing success.  We have many to thank and will try to do so in the May newsletter.  More than 150 were in attendance with many Sultana descendants there.  The history was great, the music was great, the ritual was solemn, the color and rifle team from the William Blount High School Jr. ROTC program were outstanding and the total event was the true hit of the entire Blue & Gray Reunion & Freedom Jubilee.  Thanks again to everyone.  More to come.

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 April 2015 Special Edition of McTeer’s Loyal Mountaineers:

McTeer Newsletter APR 2015 Extra Edition

April 2015 Special Ed Newsletter Cover Page

 April 2015 edition of McTeer’s Loyal Mountaineers:

McTeer Newsletter APR 2015

April 2015 Newsletter Cover Page

Quarterly Meeting Held on 23 March 2015 at Blount County Public Library

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Report on 12 May 2015 Camp Mess

Minutes from McTeer Mess on Tuesday, 12 May

Camp Commander David H. McReynolds called the monthly mess meeting of Major William A. McTeer Camp 39 to order at Calhoun’s Restaurant in Maryville on Tuesday, 12 May 2015, at 1210 hours.
Attendance included Bros. McReynolds (CC), Mike Downs (DC) Doug Fidler (CS, PCC, PDC), Bob Wallace (CT), Craig Brown (PCC, PDC), Sam Wilson, and one of our newest members, Richard Holmes.  Also present as a guest of Bro. Brown was Gena Tussey of Station House Photography, who briefed them about her photographic services.
1.  The Commander began by expressing his appreciation for all the hard work required to organize and execute the commemoration of the sesquicentennial of the explosion and destruction of the SS Sultana.  He also noted the solid support of the Brothers through their attendance, as well as the estimated 150 people who attended.  He estimated that 25 percent of the attendees were descendants of veterans on the Sultana that day.
2.  The Commander began with a discussion about the need for a Memorial Day Ceremony, even if it on a small scale.  It was suggested that the Brothers should meet at the grave of our camp’s namesake,  Major Will McTeer, who is buried high on the hill of Magnolia Cemetery, opposite the Maryville City Hall.  This was acceptable, as honoring him was seen as honoring the approximate 1200 soldiers of both sides that are buried throughout Blount County.  Two dates were considered:  the “legal” holiday (25 May) and the traditional holiday (30 May).  The Brothers were amenable to either date, but eventually settled on the latter as it supported one of the goals of the Order and was on a Saturday.  It was thought that a Saturday might attract more local people, especially members, who might be busy with other activities on the holiday.  The time of 1030 hours was arrived at because of the higher temperatures that are experienced at the end of May.  The commander requested that those who would like to volunteer in some capacity should contact him ASAP. 
3.  The Commander next requested that the membership consider the need to purchase some items that will significantly improve the public image of the Camp when members attend events in the local area.  These include a backdrop for the tent, an attractive table cloth, and a full-size camp flag, with flag pole and stand.  They fully concurred with this need, agreeing that the next step would be to research the cost of the various items and to review the treasurer’s report for sufficient funds.  The Camp Treasurer was asked and he supported the availability of funds that would make this project viable.  The Camp Secretary agreed, but advised him that there had been checks sent with the Annual Camp Report and several checks had been deposited in the previous week that had changed the balance.  While others would estimate the cost of the items, the Secretary would provide the figures to the Treasurer so he could provide an up-to-date balance to the Commander.
4.  The Commander provided a calendar of upcoming events that is attached to the minutes.  His goal is for the Camp to be present in the community as often as possible without “overwhelming” the membership with activities, stressing the importance of greater support from Brothers in the greater Blount/Knox Counties. 
  • The Memorial Day ceremony at the end of the month is in the very near future, but the ETHS History Day in Knoxville on 15 August is one that is growing every year and will remain very important to the growth of membership. 
  • The secretary reminded the members that the National Encampment will be held 20-23 Aug.  He urged that those who have not attended before should do so and that it is now the time to secure room reservations and banquet tickets. 
  • DC Downs pointed out that he would attend the dedication ceremony of the historical marker at the Lusk Ancestral Home in Cleveland, Tennessee, on 13 Jun.  He recommended attendance. 
  • The commander ended the discussion with the recommendation that the Camp accept Bro. Roy Gamble’s offer to use his tractor to drive a Camp Float in the Maryville Christmas Parade on 5 Dec.  Members agreed this would be a worthy community event in which to participate.
5.  The Camp Secretary reported the final membership numbers that were included in the Annual Camp Report that is send to National each year.  The membership totaled a healthy 28 members in last year’s report.  This year’s report, however, showed a total of 51 members, with an additional member who joined just after the cut-off date.  This included seven transfer members from Colonel Robert Byrd Camp No. 8 of Athens, which is surrendering its charter shortly.  He and the Commander both added that there are several membership applications in progress, so they both expect significant increase in the near future that could increase membership to near 60 Brothers.
6.  Ms Tussey presented a short briefing on her photographic services.  She views her work as helping her clients to tell their story, not just to have a nice picture taken.  She’s very adaptable to their needs as well and can create pictures that will suit the period nature of what we do.  The members expressed interest in using her services in the future.
The meeting was adjourned at 1330 hours.
In Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,
Douglas K. Fidler, PhD, PDC
Secretary, Maj Wm A. McTeer Camp 39
Department of Tennessee

2014-15 Camp Officers:

Camp Commander:  Br. David McReynolds

Senior Vice-Commander:  Br. Michael Downs, PDC

Junior Vice-Commander:  Br. Stephen Wallace

Secretary:  Capt. Douglas K. Fidler, Ph.D., PDC, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

Treasurer:  Br. Robert Wallace

Counselor:  Br. Craig Brown, PDC

2013-14 Camp Officers:

Camp Commander: Br. George Lane

Senior Vice-Commander: Br. Michael Downs, PCC

Junior Vice-Commander: Br. Stephen Wallace

Secretary: Capt. Douglas K. Fidler, Ph.D., PDC, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

Treasurer: Br. David McReynolds


At the 2013 Annual Encampment are left-to-right, Chaplain Scott Alley PCC, Sr. Vice Commander Mike Downs PCC, Secretary Doug Fidler PDC, Dept. of Tenn. Commander Craig Taylor Brown PCC, Treasurer David McReynolds, Camp Commander George Lane, Jr. Vice Commander Steve Wallace.










Past Camp Commander’s:

2011-13: Capt. Jason Scott Alley, PCC, Civil Air Patrol

2010-11: Capt. Craig Taylor Brown, PDC, U.S. Army (Ret.)

2009-10: Capt. Douglas K. Fidler, Ph.D., PDC, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) (Camp Organizer)