Maj. William Anderson McTeer Camp No. 39

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McTeer Newsletter MAY 2015

Civil War Sesquicentennial Signature Event:

We did it! The Sultana memorial re-dedication was a rousing success.  We have many to thank and will try to do so in the May newsletter.  More than 150 were in attendance with many Sultana descendants there.  The history was great, the music was great, the ritual was solemn, the color and rifle team from the William Blount High School Jr. ROTC program were outstanding and the total event was the true hit of the entire Blue & Gray Reunion & Freedom Jubilee.  Thanks again to everyone.  More to come.

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 April 2015 Special Edition of McTeer’s Loyal Mountaineers:

McTeer Newsletter APR 2015 Extra Edition

April 2015 Special Ed Newsletter Cover Page

 April 2015 edition of McTeer’s Loyal Mountaineers:

McTeer Newsletter APR 2015

April 2015 Newsletter Cover Page

Next Camp Mess:  Tuesday, 12 May 2015, at Calhoun’s on the Creek, Maryville, TN, 12 Noon


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The Major William Anderson McTeer Camp No. 39, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War was Chartered in 2009, in Maryville, Tenn.

The Camp is named for Maj. William A. McTeer (1843-1925), who played an important role in the formation of Blount County. Besides being the first Judge of General Sessions, he held many other important positions in the community and at his church, New Providence Presbyterian. He also served as an officer in the Union Army during the Civil War and wrote a journal of his experiences, LOYAL MOUNTAINEERS. Of the eighteen men who joined the Union Army with McTeer, only five returned home after the War.

Soon after returning from battle, McTeer became a noted lawyer in Blount County. He was the first judge of the Court of General Sessions and also represented Blount County as a Legislator. McTeer later served as a Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Maryville City Recorder, a Trustee of Maryville College and numerous other high-level positions in the community.

An eloquent writer, McTeer penned the histories of both New Providence Church and Eusebia Church. He also wrote many articles for the local newspaper publications.



Quarterly Meeting Held on 23 March 2015 at Blount County Public Library

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Report on 14 April 2015 Camp Mess

We held our fourth Camp Mess at 12 Noon on 14 April 2015 at Calhoun’s on the Creek in Maryville, TN.  We had eight members in attendance:  CC David McReynolds, PCC George Lane, Treasurer Bob Wallace, Max Renfro, Roy Gamble, Sam Wilson, JVC Steve Wallace and DC Mike Downs.  Secretary Doug Fidler was out of town and sent his regrets.  He promises to be right at work on camp business upon his return.  We did have a couple of other brothers who had hoped to attend but did not, likely because of work commitments.
Bro. McReynolds started with a discussion of the upcoming Blue & Gray Reunion and Freedom Jubilee taking place in Knoxville, TN from April 30th through May 3rd.  Bro. Lane shared a copy of the brochure that has been produced for this signature event of the State of Tennessee’s Civil War Sesquicentennial Celebration.  Our event is the last event taking place and is prominently listed in the brochure – the re-dedication of the Sultana monument at Mount Olive Cemetery at 2 PM on Sunday, May 3rd.
Bro. McReynolds shared with the group an informational pamphlet for the Sultana event with a description of what will take place and a map with directions to the Mount Olive Cemetery.  Bro. George Lane suggested that we should have 100-200 copies of this pamphlet available at the May 2nd event in Krutch Park.  Bro. Downs suggested that since Bro. McReynolds is printing a lot of camp materials, he should be reimbursed.  Treasurer Bob Wallace agreed and discussion showed agreement around the table.  Bro. McReynolds said he would only ask for reimbursement for supplies actually used, basically paper and ink.
Bro. McReynolds also shared a formal Program for the Sultana event and asked for input.  Several edits were made to make the flow of the event occur more smoothly.  Bro. Steve Wallace discussed how his brass group will perform:  the Prelude beginning at about 1:45 PM and ending with the event starting at 2:00 PM.  His brass group will also play the National Anthem which is part of the re-dedication ceremony and will do a Postlude following the conclusion of the ceremony.  If in a pinch, he will have a trumpet player prepared to play Taps.  We will print 100 copies of the Program.
Bro. McReynolds reported that he had not yet heard from Bro. Fidler whether or not the high school ROTC units had committed to the event.  We really must have a color guard, rifles and bugler for the re-dedication ceremony.  Bro. Lane offered, in the event we can not get the high school ROTC units, that he would ask if one of the University of Tennessee ROTC units might be available.  Bro. McReynolds said he would like to wait until he heard from Bro. Fidler later in the week.  If there are problems, we should proceed with the alternative.
We next discussed the Blue & Gray Reunion Dinner to be held May 1st at the Knoxville Convention Center starting at about 6:30 PM.  Civil war attire is encouraged but not required.  It should be a great evening out.  Ron Maxwell, who directed the films Gettysburg and Gods and Generals will be the special guest speaker.
On May 2nd, Bro. Lane will have our tent set up in Krutch Park for the Civil War Exposition.  There is an opening procession starting at 9:45 AM and opening ceremony at 10:00 AM.  We will need volunteers to man our tent throughout the day from about 10 AM to 4 or 5 PM.  It will be similar to the History Fair in which we participate each year in August and should be fun.  Many, many other special events will also be taking place all day long.
We then discussed what we needed for May 3rd.  First, we need brothers to arrive early to help set up.  Bro. George Lane will have moved our tent from downtown Knoxville to the Mount Olive Cemetery and will be set up around Noon or so.  It was suggested that we all bring folding chairs for ourselves and the guests.  Bro. McReynolds shared that he had a portable PA system and would bring that to make sure our speakers are heard in the outdoor environment.  We will have the Programs for guests and a Guest Registry to record those who attend.  Bro. McReynolds said his daughter would take photographs at the event.  We need someone to video as much of the event as possible.  We would like to take a picture at the end of everyone there similar to the black and white photo that we have of the original dedication on July 4, 1916.   The most important part is to have as many brothers as possible in attendance to make this a truly memorable event in our Camp history.  And each brother should invite other guests as well.
Bro. Steve Wallace asked about the event for the 75th anniversary of the death of the last Blount County Civil War veteran that had been planned for May 1st.  He had been working on music for that event.  Bro. McReynolds reported that Secretary Fidler had informed him that this event needed to be postponed until the Fall of the year when he had more time to devote to it and when it would not be lost in everything else that was going on May 1st through May 3rd.
We next discussed publicity for the Sultana event.  Bro. McReynolds reported that he had sent information to both the News-Sentinel and the Daily Times but was not confidant that we would get a lot of coverage.  He also reported that the event was on the Blount Chamber website and several other tourist websites.  Bro. Steve Wallace volunteered to contact the Daily Times to try and get a reporter and photographer at the event.  Bro. Max Renfro volunteered to get the event on the genealogical website as well.  Bro. McReynolds expressed his appreciation to both Brothers Steve Wallace and Max Renfro for their help in trying to promote our event.
We then discussed the Re-enactment taking place this coming Saturday, April 18th, at the Thompson Brown House on Highway 321 across from Blount Memorial Hospital.  Bro. George Lane reported that he will now not be out of town and will not only set up the tent but will also help man the tent for the event.  Bro. Steve Wallace stated that he will be at the event most of the day.  Bro. Sam Wilson said that he would get there about 2 PM.  Bro. McReynolds is planning to be there in uniform from about 1 to 3 PM.  We will have history handouts and applications for membership available.
Bro. McReynolds reported that the camp roster was approaching 40 total members.  Since the first of the year, counting the application we just received from National, we have added 6 new members (which includes two junior members).
Several brothers asked about an updated roster.  Bro. McReynolds reported that he had been updating his own roster but that Secretary Fidler was continuing to work on a new roster to distribute to the membership.  Treasurer Wallace inquired about dues payments and new member deposits.  He reported that the March bank statement showed six deposits but that he did not know specifically what each was for.  CC McReynolds said he would ask Secretary Fidler to provide that information.
Bro. Steve Wallace asked about the offer from Dead End BBQ to host our quarterly meetings for free in their private meeting room.  After discussion, it was agreed that we would plan to have the September quarterly meeting at Dead End BBQ.  We would also invite wives and other guests to attend and plan to eat dinner prior to the business meeting.  Bro. McReynolds also expressed his continued desire to see an Auxiliary formed for the camp this year.
Bro. Roy Gamble asked if we were still planning to participate in the Christmas parade.  Bro. McReynolds and several other brothers responded in the affirmative.  Bro. Gamble has the tractor and the trailer.  There was much discussion around the table about the event.  Should be fun and something to get us together in December.
Bro. McReynolds reported that the April edition of the camp newsletter had been distributed Tuesday morning by e-mail and asked the brothers to let him know if they did not receive it.
Next event is April 18th at the Thompson-Brown House.  Then the Blue & Gray Reunion and Freedom Jubilee April 30th to May 3rd with the Sultana monument re-dedication being our premier event.  Our next Camp Mess is Tuesday, May 12th, at Calhoun’s in Maryville starting at 12 Noon.  At our May meeting, we will need to discuss plans for Memorial Day.  Our next quarterly meeting will be Monday, June 22nd, at the Blount County Public Library starting at 6:30 PM.
If there’s anything I left out, please just reply to this e-mail so all brothers will know.  See you at the events and be sure to attend next month’s Camp Mess!
In Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,
David McReynolds
Commander, Maj. Wm. A. McTeer Camp No. 39, SUVCW

2014-15 Camp Officers:

Camp Commander:  Br. David McReynolds

Senior Vice-Commander:  Br. Michael Downs, PDC

Junior Vice-Commander:  Br. Stephen Wallace

Secretary:  Capt. Douglas K. Fidler, Ph.D., PDC, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

Treasurer:  Br. Robert Wallace

Counselor:  Br. Craig Brown, PDC

2013-14 Camp Officers:

Camp Commander: Br. George Lane

Senior Vice-Commander: Br. Michael Downs, PCC

Junior Vice-Commander: Br. Stephen Wallace

Secretary: Capt. Douglas K. Fidler, Ph.D., PDC, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

Treasurer: Br. David McReynolds


At the 2013 Annual Encampment are left-to-right, Chaplain Scott Alley PCC, Sr. Vice Commander Mike Downs PCC, Secretary Doug Fidler PDC, Dept. of Tenn. Commander Craig Taylor Brown PCC, Treasurer David McReynolds, Camp Commander George Lane, Jr. Vice Commander Steve Wallace.










Past Camp Commander’s:

2011-13: Capt. Jason Scott Alley, PCC, Civil Air Patrol

2010-11: Capt. Craig Taylor Brown, PDC, U.S. Army (Ret.)

2009-10: Capt. Douglas K. Fidler, Ph.D., PDC, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) (Camp Organizer)